In | Appropriate

This work was inspired by conversations I had with Jeremy Luke Hill about cultural appropriation in writing. What does it mean?  Where are the boundaries? What are the implications and consequences? How can we, as participants in the literary community, contribute to an evolving process of increasing respect related to this topic? As an emerging writer, I felt that I didn’t have satisfying answers to these questions and that a greater understanding of the issue was necessary if I were to continue writing. I turned to some great writers to invite their insights, and along with Gordon Hill Press, created this collection of conversations to share. All royalties will support the Festival of Literary Diversity (F.O.L.D.). [more can be read here]

There is beauty here because

you are here.

This story of migration reflects, in part, my experience as a first generation settler. The strength and beauty of resilience inspired this self-publishing effort, with gorgeous paintings by Alura Sutherland.


Sonnet published in Rhapsody 2018

Smoke Signals

Flash CNF Story in Sustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food

My First Non-White Christmas

CNF Story in Prairie Fire, Volume 39, No. 4, Winter 2018

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