Virtual Panel Discussion on Literary Appropriation in Canada: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1:30-2:5 P.M.

The Elora Poetry Centre & Gallery

In | Appropriate

The Elora Poetry Centre & Gallery, in conjunction with Renison University College, University of Waterloo, announces an upcoming synchronous panel discussion on Canadian literary appropriation. Growing out of interviews on this subject recently published in Gordon Hill Press’s In/Appropriate, this event is open to members of ARTS 130, friends of The Elora Poetry Centre & Gallery, and the general public.

The panel will include Jeremy Luke Hill (publisher), Kim Davids Mandar (editor), and three contributors to In/Appropriate: Farzana Doctor, Wayne Grady, and Mahak Jain. (Please see links for biographies below.)

Here is the video link to the synchronous discussion that you will need to click on at 1:30 on November 3:

Assistance is being provided by Victoria Feth of The Centre for Teaching Excellence at University of Waterloo.

The event is sponsored by two long-time friends of The Elora Poetry Centre & Gallery, Janice Ferri and…

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